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French Onion Brisket

2013-04-19 18.43.35


(This picture was actually taken the next day when I started to transform the leftovers)

People often as me how I find time to cook during the week. It can be a difficult task if you don’t take advantage of your schedule. Most weeknights, I have 30 minutes to an hour to get dinner on the table. On the weekends, I have more time but don’t want to be chained to the stove all day. I take both of those ideas into account when I make my French Onion Brisket. This recipe combines the best of both worlds: I get amazing slow roasted brisket on the weekend and leftovers that can be used for quick meals during the week.

Side dishes

Deli-style Macaroni Salad

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As the weather (slowly) starts getting warming, my meal plans transition to summer foods. We cut back on soups, stews and heavier dinners; adding sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs to the rotation. Instantly, my brain starts thinking of macaroni salad. Deli-style macaroni salad is delicious but generally comes prepackaged to the grocery store in large tubs, loaded with preservatives along with a hefty price tag ($4.99 a pound? Really?).

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Homemade Russian Dressing

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I love Russian Dressing. It is one of those salad dressings that I will always choose if a restaurant has it. Recently, my husband and I went to dinner with some friends at a local restaurant that makes it own Russian dressing. I started to think I could do this at home as well. How hard could it be? Turns out, not that hard at all.

Breakfast Recipes

Clean Kitchen Home Fries

Home fries1

Two things I love in life: A clean kitchen and home fries with breakfast. With our busy lifestyle (working, meetings, volunteering, etc, etc, etc), it can be difficult to find time to clean the house and put good food on the table. This recipe lets me multitask and accomplish both tasks. I make these at least once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday morning which gives me time to get my kitchen clean and organized after a busy week.