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breakfast burrito

After having an entire week off from cooking, having been on a cruise ship for a week, I have to ease back into the cooking routine. Breakfast sounds like a great way to do this! I had previously taken some pictures of my breakfast burritos but I deleted them by accident so I just had to make one this morning. 

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I probably should have posted this yesterday for Cinco de Mayo, but if you are looking for a great way to spice up your dinner this week, these enchiladas are the way to go!

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Why I love whole chickens: Roast chicken and chicken stock recipes

2013-05-03 22.42.12


This is why I love whole chickens. Pictured above is 30 cups of glorious chicken stock and a 4 cups of meat from a leftover chicken I made earlier in the week.

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Amazing Sloppy Joes

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You didn’t think something like sloppy Joes could be amazing, did you? If you are like I am, you remember mom browning hamburger and adding a can of tomato man-stuff to the pan. The flavor was a bit flat, but it was a quick dinner on the table. These sloppy Joes are quick but have wonderful flavor, smoky and sweet but not spicy. This is a great family dinner. Just add some veggie sticks.

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French Onion Beef Stroganoff

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One of the keys to putting good food on the table fast is to use leftovers. This recipe uses leftover French onion brisket with a few additional ingredients to make a delicious, quick beef stroganoff.