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Quick Chicken Cacciatore

2013-04-24 16.57.04

I love chicken cacciatore. The blend of chicken, onions, garlic and rich tomato sauce is just amazing, but most recipes call for bone-in chicken and simmering all day. I just don’t have that kind of time. My husband is huge fan of chicken parmesan, which is also a pain to make from scratch and requires breading and frying. Not the healthiest thing in the world. One night, I came up with this recipe and it is now a staple in our household. It’s so fast, it’ll be ready before the huge pot of water boils.

Breakfast Recipes

Clean Kitchen Home Fries

Home fries1

Two things I love in life: A clean kitchen and home fries with breakfast. With our busy lifestyle (working, meetings, volunteering, etc, etc, etc), it can be difficult to find time to clean the house and put good food on the table. This recipe lets me multitask and accomplish both tasks. I make these at least once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday morning which gives me time to get my kitchen clean and organized after a busy week.